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Our success story of Regas Terminal 2, Pengerang Deep Water Terminal (PDWT) in collaboration with South Korea’s Conglomerate – Samsung C&T have been the highlight of our company so far. We have learn and gained much experience working with a vast group of experts from different background and nationality.

Now, we have the expertise to work with any EPCC company who have been awarded jobs in Malaysia, especially in Johor. Our close relationship with local authorities such as Town Municipal, Water (Ranhill SAJH) & Electricity provider (TNB), Department of Safety & Health (DOSH) – Pressure Vessels, Burners, Lifting Equipment/Platform, Fire & Rescue Department, Telecommunication Providers (TM, Maxis, Time), MCMC, Department of Irrigation & Drainage (DID) and Department of Environment (DOE) was the deciding factor to our top notch performance in providing the permitting services to our clients.

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