NHK Ultimate Consult Sdn Bhd is a professional engineering firm based in Malaysia. We provide Building Services (MEP) Design, Green Building Facilitation, Permitting Works for EPCC Project, Facility Condition Audit, Fire & Life Safety Engineering Design, loT solutions for Business & Industry (IR 4.0) and Project Management Services. NHK have the experience of successfully implementing and delivering construction projects over a wide range of development in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors for a decade.

Our Vision

NHK Ultimate Consult Sdn Bhd continues to move forward to become a leading multi-discipline engineering company providing project engineering, project management, engineering studies, construction and maintenance works in Malaysia. We will always strive to provide engineering services through an innovative and sustainable approach at the highest standard. With our core principle in quality, commitment and improvement, we will consistently delivering project that meets engineering standards and exceed client expectations. 

Our Mission

Our Values



Being small doesn't mean
you don't have to dream BIG

A good business is not judged by how big it is, because the bigger one is, the more tiring it becomes. Many small entrepreneurs put everything they have into their businesses, and when their happiness is determined by how well they do, the pressure they face is immense. When employees are happy, your customers are happy and you are happy – these are the business that are sustainable business and can live long. Hold on to your dreams and believe that this is a good company.